Frequently Asked Questions

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What are DuallyValve stems made of?

They are made of brass and chrome plated.

What is the warranty for DuallyValve stems?

Valve stems have a 3-year limited warranty.

Do I need to change the rubber valves on the valve stems?

We recommend changing the rubber valves (grommets) every 3 years to avoid air leaks.

Can I balance my wheels if I have a DuallyValve kit?

Yes, however it’s more difficult to balance the inners tires on a standard machine due to the longer inner valve stem.

Can I use balancing compounds with a Dually Valve kit?

Yes, we recommend using Counteract.

Can I rotate my tires if I have a DuallyValve kit?

Yes, rotate inner with inner, outer with outer, and front with front.

Can I use TPMS if I have a DuallyValve kit?

Yes, they work with external TPMS systems. DuallyValve stems DO NOT work with internal TPMS systems.

What is the max PSI rating for DuallyValve stems?

Max 200psi.

Are DuallyValve stems bendable?

Yes, they are brass which is bendable. We only recommend bending the long inner dual valve stems. Short and curved stems require a special bending tool.

Can I purchase Dually Valve kit individual parts?

Yes, please see the parts section on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

What if I don’t see the DuallyValve kit for my vehicle?

Please contact us so we can assist you in finding the correct kit.

Can i return products purchased on

Here at we have 30 day return/exchange policy on products purchased through our store. Please use the contact page to submit your requests.

What is the shipping policy

Orders received usually take within 3 business days to ship. For any questions, feel free to use the contact page, send an email to or call 954-292-2508